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What are the main benefits / advantages of electronic cigarettes?

main benefits / advantages of electronic cigarettes

It is widely known smoking is a nasty habit which is harmful to smokers’ health. Yet there are millions of people all over the world that are simply not ready to give up their smoking habit. Beyond the addiction to nicotine, smoking seems to offer some kind of pleasure that many smokers enjoy and not wish to stop. For now, it is definitely something for every smoker to consider as a better, considerably less toxic way to smoke. Electronic cigarette possibly one of the greatest new discoveries is coming to help in that kind of battle.

The electronic cigarette is basically a device that looks like a cigarette, delivers “smoke” and nicotine, and allows the smoker to enjoy the smoking experience. So if the smoker is still smoking, how can there be advantages?

Free of harmful tar, carcinogenic substances and combustion gases present in traditional cigarettes : Although Electronic cigarettes are sharing similar aspects with the traditional tobacco cigarettes such feel, taste and even appearance electronic cigarette is not producing any of the negative aspects of traditional smoking like tar, ignition (heat), up to 4000 types of chemical additives that often lead to respiratory and cardiac system diseases, nor the carcinogenic effects of traditional tobacco cigarettes.

E cig can be used in non-smoking areas. Now there is no need for you to concern about second-hand smoke. Electronic cigarettes are smokeless cigarettes that can be used for smoking in public without any odor or tobacco toxins.

Electronic cigarettes cost less. Smoking e cigs is inexpensive in comparison to smoking regular cigarettes. While the cost of tax on all tobacco products rapidly increases, the cartridges used with smoking an e-cigarette are not subject to such kind of taxes. As a result smoking electronic cigarettes can help you saving half of the money you currently spending in traditional tobacco products. Even if you are looking in other quitting smoking medications like patches, e-smoking is still much less expensive. Although electric cigarettes has not been accepted as official smoking cessation device smokers can cut their smoking costs in half and at the same time reducing the risks of tobacco smoking by avoiding those 4000 toxins found in traditional tobacco cigarettes. In addition to all that your monthly insurance costs drop. By smoking Electronic cigarettes you are not considered to be a tobacco user.

Electronic cigarettes do not heat up and us a result no more burn holes repairs to do! Forget about all those nasty burning holes in your cloths, carpet and furniture.

My personal opinion is that all those advantages are just the beginning. Perhaps with further research and development, e-smoking can eventually be used as a successful replacement for smokers, and lead to permanent nicotine reduction for those people that want to do so in the future.

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