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Studies suggest that Electronic cigarettes are much safer than tobacco but they still providing an experience that is virtually identical to cigarette smoking. Yes, you did hear correctly, electronic cigarettes look and feel like real cigarettes without almost any of the downsides. Unfortunately, much of the information we found on the Internet is of poor quality, biased or misleading and it can be difficult to find straight-forward advice.

e-cigs.com is an online electronic cigarette guide striving to provide all information needed by smokers in order make a wise online purchase decision. Nowadays more and more electronic cigarettes stores appearing over the internet, and as a result a big confusion is created among smokers, when they try to buy e cigarettes online. The purpose of e-cigs is to give to people access to all the resources and information about privacy policies, shipping methods, charges, special sales, and customer support.

Our main goal is to help our readers when trying to buy electronic cigarette online to make a wise purchase decision, by presenting to you all the information needed about the Highest Quality E-Cigarettes available on the internet and absolutely the very Best e-cig Deals currently existing. On our E-cigs.com portal we have reviews on all of the major e-cigarette brands as well as a wide array of information about electronic cigarette offers available today.

Whether you’re seeking the latest free discount codes, promotional codes, printable vouchers, sales & deals, or something completely different – whatever you’re looking for, e-cigs.com can help you find it. Save Money and Share your Favorite Discount Codes, Vouchers and Deals. We’ve reviewed hundreds of e-cig companies to assist you in finding just the right place to buy from. Our guide is updated daily with exclusive electric cigarette discounts you won’t find anywhere else. Jump straight over to our top e-cigs picks, or visit our online electronic cigarette reviews section for lots more thorough and detailed reviews as well as our experienced editors personal opinions on hundreds online stores.

A good understanding of the electronic cigarette is necessary before you begin shopping. Our guide gives you the basic information.

A glossary of terms – The world of e cigarettes has its own language and you can be easily confused by some of the terms used over the internet, and as a result is wise to check our electronic cigarette glossary.
An e cigarette FAQ – Bare on mind, that e-cigarette is relatively new innovation in the market, and as a result it is logical to exist a lot of misinformation among the public. Is electronic cigarette safe? Can e-cigarette help you quit smoking? Is there a danger of more people getting addicted to smoking? These are all sensible questions that need to be addressed.
Electronic cigarette reviews – E-cigs comparison tool lets our readers to compare companies and prices on several different e-cigarette brands and find the cheapest online store to order from. In such a competitive industry which is usually dominated by spammers we want to make sure that you will buy only from safe and stores. And the best of all e-cigs.com is completely free to use.

These pages contain information we think is pretty important in order to make smart shopping comparisons before you purchase your e-cig online.

We would like to thank you for visiting e-cigs.com. We really appreciate and need your support as we will keep bringing you only the best in the electronic cigarettes throughout our guide. We are always eager to hear what you think about any subject concerned the electronic cigarettes and any feedback or suggestion from you is more than welcome. Moreover we are always in discussion with several electronic cigarette companies examined and listed in our guide to bring to our readers the best deals and offers possible. Just make sure you keep checking our guide regularly.