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Britain’s updated inflation basket includes e-cigarettes

Britain’s updated inflation basket includes e-cigarettes

E-cigarettes are becoming more popular by the minute. Helped by the fact that tax hikes on traditional cigarettes continue, forcing many traditional smokers to look for more value for money alternatives and also aided by the strict bans on cigarette use, which vaping devices still manage to escape, largely due to lack of consensus on their effects and the ensuing lack of uniformity in regulation across the globe, e-cigarettes sales are soaring in most countries and in most age groups, including, regrettably for many, in the younger generations.

Big tobacco manufacturers appear to have recognized the great potential in the e-cigarettes market and this is why they have all entered the competition, either by acquiring smaller, independent e-cigs manufacturers, or by developing their own electronic vaping devices. Moreover, they are investing hugely in advertising e-cigarettes, since such advertising is still not banned, even in the form of television commercials. In this way they are not only boosting their e-cigarettes sales, but they are also able to broadcast images that depict smoking, in the form of the e-cigarette, which according to a recent study evoke a greater graving to current traditional cigarette smokers.

Besides the arguments mentioned above, another piece of evidence which comes to confirm the widespread popularity of e-cigarettes as a product is the fact that the Official of National Statistics in the UK, during its recent annual revision of the consumer goods basket it uses in order to determine the country’s inflation rate, has decided to add e-cigarettes. This was only addition to the basket for 2015, along with specialist craft beer and analysts agree that it confirms that authorities recognize the widespread use of e-cigarettes in the United Kingdom.

Since the logic behind introducing or dropping items from this basket is to reflect changes in how much people are spending on them, and also to reflect new categories of spending, it appears that e-cigarettes are recognized by authorities as a product on which people spend a considerable amount and as a trend that is here to stay.

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