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Where to Buy Electronic Cigarette Online

buy e-cigarette online

I did plenty of research before jumping in and buying my first Electronic cigarette. There are many cheap, low quality imitations flooding the market nowadays and so it pays to know which brands you are buying. These imitations each come in their own branding and are not subject to the same stringent health and safety standards and could seriously harm your health.

Read e-cigarettes reviews

Try to make your own research by reading e-cigarettes reviews and complaints through online forums and e-cigs guides. This might help you to reduce the possible e-cig brands you might be interested in purchasing. Since Electronic cigarettes are still fairly new devices its likely some of them to have a lot of problems.

Refillable e-cig cartridges

It is wise to check if the dealer or manufacturer you are about to buy electronic cigarette from sells e-cig cartridges that are refillable. Keep in mind that refillable e-cig cartridge not only save you lots of money, but also gives you the ability to buy e-liquid that is propylene glycol free. Although FDA has already approved propylene glycol as safe for consumption no long-term studies have been conducted. Even if you are not after refilling your own cartridges it is advisable to check the availability of those specific cartridges online (easily order) or offline (available where you live).

Buy E-cigarette online

The only serious advantage that you can have from buying your electronic cigarette from a local store is the ease of returning the product in the case that is not working. Aside from that if you buy electronic cigarette online you can expect to pay three to four times less money.

Search for coupon codes

Having said that you will save lots of money if you buy electronic cigarette online it will make you no harm if you manage to save some more. If you purchase your e-cigarette online with the aid of a discount coupon you can expect a discount of even 20% its original price. Electronic cigarette coupon codes, are listed in several electronic cigarette guides like ours and is well worth the time to search for those coupon codes concerning the e-cig brand you are after.

Consider companies offering a starter kit

Most e-cig manufacturers are offering an electronic cigarette starter kit. E-cigarette starter kits can save you lots of money and generally include an atomizer, one or two e-cig batteries, a battery charger and cartridges.

Look for a warranty

If you are unsure about your switch to electronic cigarettes and you don’t want to commit or even if you just want to be on the safe site and not joining the e-smokers that have issues with their electronic cigarettes upon purchase then an electronic cigarette from a brand that offers a money back guarantee is probably a good choice.

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