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Choosing an Electronic Cigarette

Choosing an Electronic Cigarette - smart shopping

Whether you decided to buy an e-cigarette to use it in order to help you reduce or quit smoking traditional cigarettes or even if you simply are curious about this new trend and you just want to try it out, choosing the right e-cigarette for you could really be a daunting task due to sheer massive volume of available brands and models. Thus, to be able to make a wise and smart choice, here are some factors that you need to consider:

Batteries are the most essential part of an e-cigarette because they are what powers the device in order to produce the vapor and create the flavor you inhaled along with the cartridge. Obviously then, you will need to have more than one battery if you don’t want to be left without your e-cig while the battery is being recharged. With two batteries you should be ok, but perhaps it is better if you have three to be covered in case one breaks down and you need to go have it repaired. Depending on the level of use that they are subjected to and according to the different brand specifications, the batteries of e-cigarettes usually last around six months. Also keep in mind that you can find e-cigarettes with longer battery life times, but these models are usually bigger and clumpier in size and you should only buy them if you don’t mind how they look.

How long an e-cigarette cartridge will last again depends on your smoking pattern, but as a general rule you can estimate that you will need a cartridge per day, so it would be advisable to start your vaping with having five cartridges in your possession, irrespective if you decide to manually refill your e-cig yourself, buy new cartridges that already contain the liquid or sign up to a scheme that gets them delivered to you. Also bear in mind that a good cartridge is not only the one that tastes good but also can release an adequate amount of vapor.

In terms of chargers it is good to check out what charging options are offered by the brand you choose and pick the one that best suits your needs. If you spend a lot of time in the car, then a car charger is essential for you, while if you are never far from a computer, either at work or at home, then you should seek an e-cigarette that can be charged via a USB charger. The regular mains adapter charger is usually considered as standard equipment and it should be enough if you don’t have a car and don’t particularly like computers.

Another decision you need to take before buying your e-cigarette is to decide whether you attach more importance to the look, feel and appearance of the device you will be holding in your hand or to the throat hit that it produces. If you intend to use the e-cig in public a lot then perhaps it would be good to avoid e-cigs that are very realistic lookalikes to real cigarettes as these may cause misunderstandings with the people around you who might complain that you are smoking in places you are not allowed to do so.

Bear in mind that not all e-cigarettes manufacturers, brands and models look the same, nor do they offer the same throat hit or produce the same amount of vapor. So, you need to decide in advance which of these factors is more important for you and study the attributes of each e-cigarette carefully to find which one best matches your preferences.

It is also wise to choose a brand and a vendor that can act as a one stop shop, able to cover all your needs in terms of supplies, such as e-liquids, cartridges and batteries, as if you order them all at once you will be saving money on shipping costs in the long run. This is especially important if you choose to manually refill your e-cig since this means that you will be needing a constant supply of reliable, good quality and nice taste e-liquids.

Another factor to consider is the issue of the warranty. Before you commit check out the associated cost and what exactly is covered to be sure exactly how value for money each scheme is, bearing in mind that at least one battery will have to replaced after the first six months in any case. Not all manufacturers offer the same type and length of warranty on their e-cigarettes, so you will need to discern which one is best for you.

Last but not least, before you buy an electronic cigarette look for and read the various reviews available on each brand and model both from independent reviewers and guide, such as ours, or posted by other users who share their experience in forums and chat rooms. The opinion and firsthand experience of others may be instrumental in helping you take the right decision. And always remember to look for the small details that may make a huge difference and may not be very obvious at first sight, such as for example how heavy or how thick an e-cig device is and whether a model is supported by a full range of accessories or not, also having in mind that usually the superior quality and more lavishly looking e-cig devices come with the bigger price tag as well.

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