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Choosing an Electronic cigarette, E cigarette and electric cigarette

Choosing an Electronic cigarette, E cigarette

When choosing an electronic cigarette it is important to know which things you need to be careful with in order to make most of your purchase. If someone tries to convince you that there is no need to explore things, but just follow his advice is just probably trying to deceive you! Each individual person has his own needs and demands so he has to make his own research to obtain all necessary information regarding finding an e cigarette company selling e cigs which contain all those factors.

E cigarette type:

There are various types of E cigarette and they differ not only in brand, quality and function. The first brand of E Cigarette to enter the market was the Ruyan series of electronic cigarette. This was originally launched in China but they have now recently been selling the products in the US. In recent months there have been many cheap imitations from China flooding the UK market. Although they are cheaper than the major brands, they are also untested and use cheap materials and chemicals to cut costs. It is inadvisable to try them as they could potentially damage your health. The most reliable Chinese import is the Ruyan brand but unfortunately there are no local distributors in U.K. The best brand we’ve seen in the UK is the Gamucci and Smart Smoker brands. In the USA, there is the LUCI brand. The nicotine cartridges for e cigarettes come in different strengths. The e cigarettes have nicotine cartridges in regular, light and ultra-light strengths. The lighter strengths are designed for users who want to gradually cut down.

Price of the Starter Kit:

Like all products you are shopping the more expensive is not always the best. However is always wise not to buy electronic cigarette that is too cheap. As a guideline, bear in mind that e-cig starter kit in the price less than $ 100 is probably not a very good quality.

Battery Quality:

The battery of an E-cig should also be considered as an important factor. If you have made your research before buying electronic cigarette it is more that certain that you found in forums and guides other smokers’ complaints about their electronic cigarette like with all other products. It is easy to spot that the most frequent problem these people are facing is with the battery. As a result it is crucial to be able to assess the quality of the battery before you chose which e-cigarette you are after. Since battery life and its duration in the case of e cigs is short and is used regularly in order to be on the safe site before buying an electric cigarette minimize the possibilities of buying a product at a low level, by seeking reviews and comments concerning those e-cigarettes companies who have recently renewed or upgraded their battery.

Fillers Price:

Maybe the most important factor of all regarding a wise e-cigarette purchase is the cost of fillers since is probably the only ongoing long term cost regarding e-smoking.

Other Factors:

It is important to know, some more things that the company of your chosen e-cigarette can offer you. The choice of fragrance is one of them even if as you will find out electronic cigarettes will never taste exactly like real cigarettes. Other factors, that are not important, are the different colors and design.

Generally, all these mean that you need to find a site about electronic cigarettes, which contain all these factors, to signpost you in easy to understand way, in your purchase. If someone tries to convince you that you do not need to explore things, but just telling you what to buy – is probably trying to deceive you! Each buyer has different needs and demands. So, find out what you want, do your research. And, only after you have all necessary information, do your individual order it, for your convenience and protection of the instrument. You will need it.

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