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Conflicting views on electronic cigarettes

Conflicting views on electronic cigarettes

International research teams claim that electronic cigarettes could save the lives of thousands of smokers and the recent recommendations published by the World Health Organization proposing the implementation of restrictions in the use of e-cigs are ridiculous.

The first research is published in the Addiction journal and it is essentially a response to the report published by WHO last week warning that electronic cigarettes could encourage young people to start smoking normal cigarettes. The WHO report was also asking for the banning of the use of e-cigs indoors due to the nicotine and other toxins being emitted.

However, top experts in the UK, France, Switzerland and Greece mention that the WHO recommendations are misleading and assure that the concentration of toxins in the vapour of electronic cigarettes is at least 20 times less than the smoke of a normal cigarette. Moreover, as reagards the warning for the encouragement of smoking, the researchers point out that less than 1% of children who do not smoke have ever used an electronic cigarette. In fact, a member of the research team pointed out that “electronic cigarettes constitute a historic opportunity to significantly decrease the effects of smoking on public health on a global scale.”
Among others, researchers came from reputable UK institutions such as King’s College and Queen Mary University in London. One of them, from Queen Mary University pointed out that the WHO recommendations are actually detrimental for public health and he also pointed out that “electronic cigarettes could bring a revolution in the field of public health if smokers were to replace conventional cigarettes with electronic ones.”

He also remarked that the dangers being mentioned by WHO are so trivial that recommending the avoidance of electronic cigarettes is like asking people to stop using their cell phones because there is one chance in ten million for the battery to overheat causing a fire.

The chief of the second study, Professor West from UCL, told the BCC that a person must be crazy to continue smoking conventional cigarettes when electronic cigarettes are available. This second study was recently published in the British Journal of General Practice and it suggests that for every one million of British smokers shifting to electronic cigarettes, 6.000 deaths per year could have been avoided.

A previous study by the same team of experts, which was published in the Addiction journal last May concluded that the electronic cigarette increases the chances of successfully quitting smoking by 60%, when compared to smokers who rely solely on will –power or use nicotine chewing gums or patches.

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