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What Are E Cigarette Atomizers?

E Cigarette Atomizers

The atomizer – a small metal tube – is the part of an electronic cigarette that is responsible for converting the e-liquid into water vapor. In plain English is vaporizing the liquid in the mouthpiece so that it can be inhaled. An atomizer consists of a tiny cluster of metal wires – the heating component, and a micro pump. There is a variation in an atomizer shape and size depending on the model of the electric cigarette.

How the E-cigarette Atomizer Works.

When a smoker takes a drag from an e-cigarette, a sensor (located inside the main body of the e-cigarette) activates the circuit board (also inside the main body). The circuit board, powered by the battery, sends two electrical currents—one to the pump and one to the heating component of the atomizer. The pump forces the e-liquid through the atomizer where the heating component starts vaporizing the e-liquid. Atomizers life will depend on how it is used and maintained. A properly cared for atomizer will last between 6 months and 1 year depending on the user.

How to Clean Your E-cigarette Atomizer with Steam

Next to having a properly charged battery, a fully functioning and properly cared-for atomizer can make or break your e-smoking experience and avoid the possibility of having heart problems. The atomizer is the heart of your e-cigarette, and you should take a good care of it. You have probably spend so much time choosing what you thought as the most suitable e-cig for you so I guess you can also spend a little time every day, ensuring that you get the most out of your choice. One of the most effective ways to clean an e-cigarette atomizer is using steam. If you do it right, your e-cigarette will make as much smoke as it did when it was new. Steam effectively cleans the inside of the atomizer—the coil and bottom—removing the sticky residue of e-liquid that builds every time you smoke.

Alternatively an even easier approach theory for clearing out your atomizer for the lazy ones is to disassemble your e-cigarette, and place your atomizer, battery connection at a slight angle or side up allowing the unvaporized juice to drain onto a piece of tissue paper or absorbent cloth.

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