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Differences between E-cigarettes, e-hookahs and e-cigars

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Using the remarkably fast popularity of e-cigarettes as an alternative to the smoking of traditional cigarettes as a stepping stone, the industry of the electronic vaping devices has expanded to include products other than e-cigarettes alone. Because these products are new and innovative and sometimes not entirely understood by interested smokers, it is imperative to shed some light on the topic of how they differ between them, to enable prospective users to choose the electronic smoking device that bests suits their preferences and needs before they commit to making a purchase.

Concentrating on the three main products of this emerging market we will briefly discuss what differentiates e-cigarettes from e-hookahs and what are the main differences between e-cigarettes and e-cigars. Prior to this discussion however, we should point out that all the three electronic vaping devices mentioned here come in a great variety of styles and models and are accompanied by literally hundreds of extra gadgets that can be used in conjunction with them, however their main features discussed below remain the same.

The main differentiating factor between e-cigarettes and e-hookahs is the fact that they have a different raison d’ etre. This is because e-cigarettes aspire to replace the traditional cigarettes, meaning that they contain nicotine and are based on the tobacco sensation, aiming to be used on a regular basis by smokers. E-hookahs on the other hand, which are the electronic alternatives of traditional hookahs, do not usually contain nicotine but rather flavored chemicals which makes them appealing to people who are not necessarily smokers of any other sort. E-hookahs, just like real hookahs are a product designed for recreational use, done on a more occasional and less frequent basis. As such they are often manufactured in a less sturdy manner, while e-cigarettes which are intended for a regular, frequent use are much more robust as products in the way they are built.

The same points mentioned above, are also valid when one compared e-cigars to e-hookahs. However, when comparing e-cigarettes to e-cigars, both of which are used as alternatives to achieve nicotine intake, then the discrepancies between them are slight less apparent.

In a nutshell e-cigarettes and e-cigars differ in their capabilities as devices in terms of the level of nicotine they contain and the flavor they deliver. In terms of appearance, the job of an e-cigarette, which is to replicate a regular cigarette is obviously much easier than the task of an e-cigar, which has to emulate a cigar. Therefore, e-cigars are heavier and chunkier than e-cigarettes and they contain and produce a much stronger flavor and taste than e-cigarettes, in par to that of traditional hand rolled cigars, except for the welcome lack of the characteristically strong cigar stench.

Perhaps the most important difference between e-cigars and e-cigarettes from the point of the consumer is that e-cigars are more expensive, not only because they are bigger and weigh more, but also because to be able to give the user an experience which simulates the feel and taste of a real cigar, one needs to buy expensive high quality e-liquids and e-cigar equipment as well. Another factor to consider is that while e-cigarettes are mostly refillable, e-cigars are largely disposable, even though each e-cigar can give you a number of puffs which is much higher than an e-cigarette. Due to their cost and nature, e-cigars are a product geared best for the connoisseurs and aficionados of e-smoking, while e-cigarettes are more down to earth product suitable for everyday or more amateur smokers.


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