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E-Shisha vs Traditional Shisha

E-Shisha vs Traditional Shisha

The smoking of a shisha or hookah as it is also known, has recently turned into a very popular trend, especially amongst the youth, resulting in the opening of numerous night life spots where people engage in shisha smoking for recreational purposes.  In fact, many view the dramatic increase in the number of shisha bars with extreme concern, because the smoked produced by a traditional shisha is perhaps much more dangerous than the smoke of a traditional cigarette, mostly because the smoking of shisha lasts much longer, exposing the users to disproportionally large amounts of smoke and toxic substances, due to the mixture of flavoured tobacco and charcoal used in a traditional hookah. These are filtered through water in a pipe and it is exactly this filtration process which is believed to give shisha smoking its unique taste and flavour.

E-Shisha is the electronic form of the traditional Hookah and although it largely follows the same principles, their main difference is the lack of tobacco or smoke in the e-version. In a similar manner to e-cigarettes, e-shishas use nicotine cartridges which contain e-liquids that are available in a great variety of flavors. Although there are also some refillable versions of e-hookahs on the market, most models of the e-device being sold are disposable. The battery powered internal cartridge of e-shishas creates a water vapour that is much more intense in flavor and in quantity, than those produced by e-cigarettes.  The vaporized e-liquid is inhaled and exhaled during the smoking of an e-shisha in true resemblance to the use of a real hookah.

Many would argue that the electronic alternatives of any smoking products can never be as good as the genuine, real thing and this may be true both for e-cigarettes as well as for e-hookahs. However, the use of traditional shisha is considered as far more dangerous than any other tobacco product, due to its prolonged use and exposure to the mixture of charcoal and chemicals used to enhance the flavor being inhaled and the amount of smoke that the water pipe produces. The fact that the smoke in a traditional shisha passes through water does not make it any less dangerous, contrary to what many may erroneously believe. In fact, a one hour shisha session, which is not uncommon, is equivalent to 600 puffs of a normal cigarette, or to put it more simply, to smoking two packets of cigarettes in one go!

Containing far fewer chemical compounds than traditional hookah, makes e-shisha much safer to use in terms of the health hazards that a user is exposed to, while with the e-shisha there also no danger of passive smoking and passive inhalation, meaning the e-shishas can be used in indoor public areas where the use of traditional hookahs is prohibited.

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