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What is an electronic cigarette?

Electronic Cigarette

An electronic cigarette, also known as an e-cigarette, e-cig, electric cigarette or personal vaporizer is a healthier alternative to of real smoking tobacco products such as pipes, cigars or cigarettes just to mention a few. ECigarette looks feels and smokes just like a real cigarette. It emits a virtually odorless vapor that simulates actual smoke, but dissipates quickly in the air. An Electronic cigarette is providing inhaled doses of non-nicotine or nicotine vaporized solution. This vapor provides to the smoker a physical sensation and a flavor very similar to that of inhaled smoked tobacco products. Electronic cigarettes are just delivering an optional “hit” of nicotine, but contain no tobacco, tar, toxins, or open flame.

Now a smoker has the ability to sustain the satisfaction of smoking without the harmful substances found in real cigarettes like tar and nicotine that kept him addicted. So when using electronic cigarettes instead of tobacco cigarettes you do have this health benefit. Having said that a smoker should always bear in mind that e-cigs are just an effective medicinal devices for breaking cigarette addiction should be treated with that kind of respect. Several studies have been conducted in an attempt to answer the most critical question “How safe is the use of electronic cigarettes?”. The results show that electronic cigarettes are not consistent in the amount of nicotine they deliver. As a result there are some worries of nicotine overdose, or inhaling far more than you would have been with your regular real smoking tobacco products.

The e-cigarette has three main parts: a battery, heating element (“atomizer“), and a mouthpiece (“cartridge“). The battery, the largest part, has an indicator light on one side and it screws onto the atomizer. The heart of every e-cigarette is the atomizer, which converts the e-liquid into smoke. The cartridge, a cylindrical inhaler that contains the e-liquid, attaches to the atomizer. The majority of electronic cigarettes that are currently available in the market are reusable devices with replaceable and refillable parts. However a smoker can also find disposable electronic cigarettes.

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