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How do electronic cigarettes work?

Electronic cigarettes components

Electronic cigarettes, cigars and pipes (from here on just referred to as electronic cigarettes) consist of 3 components: a battery, an atomizer and a nicotine cartridge. When a person takes a drag the atomizer and the light on the tip is powered on by the battery. The atomizer heats the air drawn into the electronic device to a high enough temperature that it vaporizes the liquid nicotine solution in the replaceable nicotine cartridge. The vapor is then inhaled into the mouth and lungs fully simulating the smoking experience so the smoker gets all the good things he would get from a traditional cigarette without the bad side effects. The simulated “smoke” is actually just water vapor that evaporates in a few seconds and leaves no lingering odor.

There are approximately 4000 chemicals containing in the vapor which are commonly found in a traditional tobacco cigarette smoke. However the E-Cigarette contains 20 food safe compounds, with no one to be considered poisonous or carcinogenic. When the vapor is expelled, it does not contain any of the chemicals found in second hand smoke. This solution normally comes in the form of a cartridge and is to be refilled once it runs out. They come in various flavors as well ranging from traditional tobacco taste to fruit flavors. There are also mint flavors so if you enjoy menthols you can easily make the switch. Moreover there is a variation of nicotine strengths that is contained in cartridges. A smoker is able to choose from about 0 – 18mg and some have even have more nicotine.

Modern electronic cigarettes cartridges are coming fixed with a certain number of inhales. Once the e cigs cartridge runs out then the smoker needs to dispose and replace it with a new one. There are some other e-cigarette devices that let you Refill the electronic cigarette with e-liquid. This will save you a significant amount of money by refilling your own rather than purchasing refills.

Moreover you will notice that each time you breathe in from the mouthpiece there is a LED light which can be found at the end of an electronic cigarette that is auto activated. The purpose of that is to increase the actual felling that the smoker is using a real tobacco cigarette for psychological purposes.

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