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What are electronic cigarettes?

Electronic Cigarette

An Electronic Cigarette is simply a nicotine delivery system made up of a battery, heater, and cartridge containing a solution of nicotine, propylene glycol, and other chemicals that uses vapor, or steam, to deliver the nicotine, rather than harmful carcinogens like regular cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes were first developed in China in 2004 by a pharmacist, and are now sold worldwide.

The Electronic Cigarette is relatively new revolutionary device that acts in a very similar way like an ordinary tobacco cigarette would. The main difference is that electric cigarette instead of producing smoke from combustion, it produces vapor from vaporization of the E-Liquid. From that procedure it took its name as Personal Vaporizers (PV).

As we already mention electronic cigarettes are a healthier alternative to traditional smoking. You smoke the electronic cigarette pretty much just like a traditional one; except there is no need to suck in the thousands of chemicals and carcinogens that you get from a traditional cigarette. After all, did you know it’s not really the nicotine that is so bad for you – but the, literally, thousands of horrific by-products that come along with cigarettes.

A study supported by the National Cancer Institute and led by a Virginia Commonwealth University researcher showed electronic cigarettes delivered no measurable nicotine at all. Since e-cigarette contain NO known cancer causing agents and tobacco, they can be legally smoked in public places where the traditional tobacco cigarettes are prohibited such as restaurants, bars and work places. You can be sure that all Non-smokers will appreciate the e-cigarette over a traditional cigarette just as much as the smokers already do. The electronic cigarette is a non-flammable device without tobacco and without emitting smoke like regular traditional cigarettes do.

Nowadays more and more tobacco smokers are eager to try e-cigarettes both for health reasons and due to the exponential increment in tobacco prices which make traditional cigarette products no longer affordable. Regardless of what electronic cigarette brand a smoker wants to buy, there the maintenance of the e-cigarette is minimal and the price is a lot less expensive comparing to the amount of money someone had to spend over the traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Please bear in mind that Safety is an important benefit to be found with e-cigarettes and as a rule you should never be tempted to buy e-cigarettes that have not been independently tested. Make sure you always visit a reputable company in order to buy electronic cigarette from.

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