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Happy vapers grateful to e-cigarette for helping them kick the habit

e-cigarette help quit cigarette

Although scientific research and the findings and conclusions that can be drawn from it are important when it comes to e-cigarettes we should also keep our eyes and ears open to the real live experiences and opinions of ex-smokers who have resorted to e-cigarettes because they were seeking a cleaner option, that is healthier and less harmful and also not offensive to the people around them.

There are many accounts that a vast number of former smoker were very successful in drastically cutting down on their smoking through switching to vaping instead. In fact, most such people would say that for those who are consciously determined to quit smoking the transition to vaping makes the whole process much easier. It helps them stay away from cigarettes and not revert back. Having a vaping stick in one’s pocket gives them the power to end their slavery to regular cigarettes and by giving them the chance to still be able to “exhale smoke” they are able to win the battle in psychological terms as well.

Vaping has truly changed and improved the lives of many former smokers who no longer need to be walking around with cigarettes and lighters in their pockets, nor be forced to run outside in the heat or cold to be able to puff on a cigarette that would end up giving them bad breath and heavy breathing. Besides the lack of social stigma and the extra convenience, switching to vaping also reveals many positive health effects that e-cigarettes have over regular cigarettes.

Ex-smokers who become vapers instantly notice a marked improvement in their physical stamina, endurance and breathing and they feel much stronger and healthier. Moreover, they also notice a drastic reduction in phlegm and they no longer experience breathlessness. Vapers also gain fresh breath and are able to remove the stench of tobacco from their clothes. Moreover, using e-cigarettes instead of normal cigarettes brings back one’s sense of smell and taste and generally improves the quality and standard of life so hugely that vapers vow that they cannot even imagine going back to smoking regular cigarettes and arguing that initiating e-cigarette use was the best decision they ever took.

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