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How safe are electronic cigars?

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Attempting to answer the question whether e-cigars are safe to use or not is a very difficult task because e-cigars are a very new product and thus there is a severe lack of reliable, research-based data and evidence when it comes to the safety of using e-cigars and the possible effects of their long-term use on a person’s health. Due to the absence of adequate information and research for the time being we can only make certain assumptions about e-cigars.

The production of e-cigars is a direct result of the huge emerging popularity of e-cigarettes, which has led manufacturers to continue the trend and begin making other devices besides e-cigarettes, to mimic all the available types of smoking through the use of vaporized liquids heated in e-devices.

In order to attract the attention and custom of the smokers of real cigars, e-cigars are designed to look alike the real thing as much possible, even incorporating a glowing end tip covered by fake ash. Moreover, to enhance the similarities with the real cigar, e-cigars are often even wrapped with real tobacco leaves to give them a more realistic feel and look, while in contrast to e-cigarettes, e-cigars are mostly disposable and not refillable.

Because e-cigars are designed to deliver nicotine, the most obvious health hazard associated with their use is the fact that nicotine is a known addictive substance and thus e-cigar users can quickly become nicotine-dependent. Moreover, despite the claims by e-cigar manufacturers that the ingredients used in them are safe, it is not clear that this is entirely true, especially because the substances are inhaled and their effects are not immediately profound. The nicotine and other chemicals in an e-cigar are absorbed into the mouth and lungs of the user, but one cannot be sure about the exact types and amounts being inhaled because e-cigars are not clearly labeled with their ingredients.

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