Electronic Cigarette Safety – Is Electronic Cigarette Safe

Electronic Cigarette Safety - Is Electronic Cigarette Safe

Being in the market quite recently (2006) did not stop electronic cigarette from attracting millions of people all over the world and actually make them to stop smoking traditional cigarettes. While we will try to give to the reader some more information about the subject you should bear in mind that the health effects of using e-cigarettes are currently unknown. There are several ongoing studies, regarding the long-term health effects of smoking an electric cigarette and the inhaling nicotine process.

Plenty of speculations are going on about the safety and health of the electronic cigarettes (also referred to as the “safe cigarette, the e-cigarette, and the smokeless cigarette). There is a tendency from FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) about blocking the wide spread of e cigs, using announcements and warnings from time to time to smokers to be extremely cautious and careful before buying. So obviously people are wondering about the truth behind all those worries. The main and possibly only reason that made FDA to react is the luck of regulations concerning the electronic cigarette market.

The fact is that there were a lot of companies selling electric cigarettes that try to promote e cigs as a healthy substitute of traditional smoking and that electronic cigarettes are chemical free. This is a false statement leading to some electronic cigarette shipments seizures by the U.S. customs. Manufacturers and suppliers of electronic cigarettes technically are not permitted to market electronic cigarettes as healthy or even as healthier than regular cigarettes.

In contrary with reputable e cig companies everything is running smoothly showing to everybody that claims asserted and the statements made are truthful. As long as someone is buying from a reputable electronic cigarette he can be sure that he is getting an electronic cigarette device that is a much healthier comparing to regular cigarettes. This can be justified by the toxicity tests made in 2008 and were performed on electric cigarettes. The evidences were exactly as expected. E is much less harmful than the traditional tobacco cigarettes. However, it’s vital to consider safe only the electronic cigarettes that have been tested thoroughly since there are plenty cheap and untested imitations flooding the market mainly coming from china. These imitations of electric cigarettes can be extremely hazardous to your health so we would strongly advise you not to buy them!

A smoker just needs to be a bit cautious before making a purchase of an electronic cigarette like with any other purchase nowadays. As a general rule you can use the fewer ingredients the better quality electronic cigarette you are buying. Just make sure there aren’t any unneeded elements in your cigarette. Nicotine is the only purpose of the cigarette and therefore the only ingredients that are needed are the one responsible for vaporizing the nicotine and deliver it to your body producing a smoke like vapor giving the feeling of regular smoking.

Fortunately, it doesn’t seem to be many downsides in smoking an e-cig at least comparing with the real tobacco one. We will try to examine the main ones.

Electric cigarettes have not been submitted for evaluation or approval to the FDA. As a result there is lack of data regarding their long term usage or types of chemicals they contain. Moreover e-cigarettes are containing nicotine which will keep a smoker’s addiction. Furthermore inhaling pure nicotine may be dangerous since it contributes to accelerated coronary artery disease, hypertension and acute cardiac ischemic events.

As you can see there are many questions that remain unanswered regarding the safety of electronic cigarettes. As a conclusion you must look at the facts currently available about electronic cigarettes and regular tobacco cigarettes and form your own opinion until testing and research has been conducted to offer any proof that electronic cigarettes are healthier and safe.

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