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Massachusetts’ Attorney General proposes ban of e-cigarettes to minors

Massachusetts’ Attorney General proposes ban of e-cigarettes to minors

The issue of regulating the sale and use of e-cigarettes continues to make headlines unabated, but it is true that while the debate on how harmful e-cigarettes really are lingers on so will the lack of uniformity on how authorities deal with e-cigarettes will remain. In the USA, for example, 42 states have already banned the sale of e-cigarettes to minors and soon Massachusetts appears that it will follow suit since the state’s Attorney General has just proposed banning the sale of e-cigarettes to people younger than 18 and subjecting the devices to the same sales restrictions applied to traditional cigarettes.

The rules being proposed will also prohibit promotional giveaways, outlaw sales in any manner other than face-to-face exchanges, require e-cigarettes to be kept in a location accessible only to store employees, and require e-cigarette retailers to implement measures in order to prevent sales to minors. Moreover, child-proof packaging would be required for nicotine-laced liquids or gels used in the vaping devices, while the sale of e-cigarettes through vending machines will be allowed only in places where children are prohibited from entering.

While the FDA is currently in the process of developing regulations about e-cigarettes which would be applicable nationwide, the popularity of e-cigarettes continues to grow and the debates between those in favor and those against the devices heats up even further. The proponents highlight the fact that e-cigarettes are a much safer alternative to traditional cigarettes, since they do not bear the hazards caused by inhaled and second hand smoke and they stress the fact that the use of e-cigarettes has helped many smokers drastically cut down or even quit smoking altogether.

Opponents on the other hand overplay the health and safety concerns raised by the use of e-cigarettes saying that the exact details of this are yet unclear and unknown to the wider public and also maintain that big tobacco manufacturers have aggressively entered the e-cigarettes market, investing heavily in the advertising of vaping devices because they are targeting teenagers and the younger generation in general with the view of addicting them to nicotine and gain potential customers for traditional cigarettes as well

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