Put safety first when using E-Cigarettes

E-Cigarettes safety

Although e-cigarettes are considered safer to use for one’s health than normal cigarettes, this does not mean that there are no other dangers associated with the use of an e-cig. In fact, being essentially an electronic gadget, an e-cig exposes its user to a whole different spectrum of dangers than normal cigarettes and if improperly handled it could potentially do a lot of harm. If you throw the device down and the cartridge breaks then children, animas and the environment around it may be at risk, while the batteries may even explode, due to a fault, causing bodily injuries to the user. Another more general safety concern related to the use of e-cigs is the fact that both the devices themselves and their batteries are not environmentally friendly and thus there is no environmentally responsible way of disposing of them.

Obviously then, safety issues and concerns arise right from the beginning as soon as you decide to buy your first e-cigarette kit and thus you should place particular importance to certain factors before buying one of the literally thousands of e-cig models available from the various different manufacturers. It is imperative to remember that price should not be the decisive factor guiding your purchase decision, as a cheaper model is most likely to be made from materials of inferior quality and thus be less safe to use.

What follows is a list of the most important factors to check out prior to buying an electronic cigarette, so make sure you take them into account before you make a purchase.

Always go for quality, durable batteries that don’t need to be recharged all the time, which will give you long lasting vaping and also will be able to take any bumps you might give them.

Prefer the models that are more easy to use. You will notice that e-cigs models are either 2-piece or 3-piece, with the 2-piece variant obviously being easier to use since you don’t need to manually refill it as the cartridge comes with containing the e-liquid and thus you simply have to replace the cartridge which is much easier. However, the 3 piece models which you greater flexibility and control over your vaping.

Choose the models that include in their kit several charging options, since if the battery goes flat you will not be able to use your device. Therefore, prefer the kits that come with a USB charger and even a car charger, for charging on the go, besides the standard AC plug charger.

Cartomizers with a longer lifespan will are much more economical in the long run so you should never go for cartomizers which last for less than 50 puffs, while ideally you should prefer those give you more than 300 puffs.

Flavor is of paramount importance when it comes to the vaping experience, therefore before buying a specific brand’s e-cigarette make sure that this brand also offers you an extensive range of flavors to choose from and not only plain tobacco but also menthol, cherry, apple, vanilla etc.

If seeing the smoke, or in this case the vapor, escape from your lips is important for the pleasure you derive from vaping, then you should look for those models and brands of e-cigs that produce a generous volume of vapor.

You cannot overlook the quality of the customer service because these are the people you will turn to in case there is something wrong with your e-cigarette. Therefore buy from vendors and manufacturers who have a reliable customer service department and check out all your rights regarding the replacement of faulty devices, refunds and guarantee issues.

With this in mind, although they have a more expensive price tag, it is perhaps wiser to choose to buy e-cigs from brands that are long-established and have built a good reputation of reliability and trust. And of course, once you make the purchase make sure you keep all receipts and relevant records to be able to claim your rights if something goes wrong.

Once your package is in your hands inspect it thoroughly before using it for the first time. Check if the charger is working correctly and make sure that there are no leaks from the cartridges, the cartomizers or the batteries. The latter are the most dangerous component of an e-cig, since if faulty they may even explode or burn so check they are sturdy and in a good condition. Also, during the use of your e-cig always remember to keep the batteries away from flammable materials.

Also before using the e-cig kit for the first time make sure you thoroughly read the accompanying manual to know exactly how it works and to be able to enjoy it to its full extent. Moreover, during usage also be vigilant especially when it comes to safety issues. For example take care not to overcharge the batteries and stop using the e-cig immediately if you notice that the device gets too hot or if any of its components are leaking.

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