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The legalities of electronic cigarettes usage

The legalities of electronic cigarettes usage

One of the main factors encouraging smokers of traditional cigarettes to switch to electronic cigarettes is that e-cigarettes are a relatively newer trend and as such their use is still largely unregulated almost everywhere, meaning you can satisfy your nicotine craving and puff away your e-cigarette wherever you are. Laws on smoking are becoming stricter by the day and in most developed nations smokers find it hard to locate places, even outdoors, where they are allowed to smoke. The case of e-cigarette usage however is much different in the eyes of the law, although it is not certain that the situation will remain so in the future.

The primary reason why electronic cigarettes do not fall under the same category as traditional cigarettes, as regards usage restrictions, is the fact that when using an e-cig technically you are not burning anything. Moreover, an e-cigarette does not release secondhand smoke into the air and thus those around you cannot complain of being exposed to dangerous fumes from your e-cigarette. As a result you can get away with using an e-cigarette in almost all everyday public places. Thus, an e-cigarette comes in handy on long haul flights, or long journeys on a bus or train. Moreover, it can offer stress release behind the office if the work day proves difficult and it is even safe to smoke in bed, because there is no fear of setting fire to the bed sheets.

At the first onset of e-cigarettes, manufacturers were trying to resemble the normal cigarette as realistically as they could, leading to many misunderstandings as bystanders would think an e-cig user was actually smoking a real cigarettes at places that this was not allowed. Fortunately, such misunderstandings are a thing of the past since nowadays most electronic cigarette models look more like smart gadgets rather than real cigarettes. And if anyone accuses you of smoking when using an e-cigarette you can always politely point out to them that you are not and explain how and why water vaping through an e-cigarette differs from smoking a regular cigarette.

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