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What Is a Typical E-cigarette Kit

E-cigarette Kit

An e-cigarette starter kit or Smokeless Cigarettes is the basic equipment for your new e-cigarette device. The e-cigarette sellers offer it to the market to make the shopping process easier since to keep track of exactly what you need: atomizers, batteries, chargers or refill cartridges can be really confusing. With the electronic cigarette kit there is no need to figure out how many of what parts you need you just have everything you will need to get started right away! The majority of the e-cigarette companies offer starter kits that usually including 1 atomizer, 2 batteries, 1 charger, 5 cartridges filled with e-liquid. With their starter kits, some sellers may offer bottles with e-liquid, additional cartridges, or an additional atomizer.

Tip: What to Buy with Your First E-cigarette Kit

Bottle of e-liquid: you should buy at least one bottle of e-liquid. This is important because the cartridges that come with the starter kit will not last long enough—you risk going back to your old smoking habits.

Cartridges: try cartridges with different tastes and nicotine doses (some sellers include this in their starter kits). Ask sellers if they have starter kits with all their flavors and doses—even if they don’t offer the package you’d like.

Before I ordered my first e-cigarette kit, I asked the seller to include all flavors, and he did without charging extra.

Tip: Defective E-cigarettes and Seller Return Policy

E-cigarettes often come defective, my first did. I decided it’s the atomizer and the seller sent me a new one, a defective one. So, I had to purchase another starter kit from a different seller. Here’s what I learned from my mistake:

Check seller return and exchange policy–-many e-cigarettes come with one year warranty.

If you e-cigarette is defective (you’ll find out in the first two weeks), don’t try to figure out if it’s the batteries or atomizer. Just return or exchange the kit.

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