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What are e-cigars?

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One of the most recent additions in the domain of electronic cigarettes and vaping devices are e-cigars, which resemble real cigars except from the fact that they come without the strong stink that usually raises eyebrows because it is so overpowering. This makes it possible for cigar lovers to be able to lit up in a closed space, such as during a poker game without annoying the people next to them.

Because cigar smokers are perhaps the most eclectic among smokers in general, the task of electronic cigars to persuade cigar lovers that they are on par with the real thing is difficult from the onset. This is why the serious e-cigar manufacturers do walk the extra mile and spend the extra buck in order to make their e-devices as realistic as possible, even in terms of their wrapping and packaging.

This attempt to effectively reproduce the realistic feeling of a genuine cigar in e-cigars extends to the e-cigar’s make up and weight balance and the aim is to deliver a device that when seen from a distance is impossible to discern that it is not real but electronic instead. In fact, some e-cigars are so convincing in resembling a real cigar that the only thing that gives them away is the lack of smoke and ash. Having said that, most e-cigars even mimic the lighted tip and ash of the real thing, though a special led light and a fake ash, so the only thing they lack is the cigar smell. And because it is exactly this smell that usually annoys others, an e-cigar enables its user to conveniently puff away this disposable device without upsetting anyone.

Being able to replicate the very distinct and strong taste and smell of a real cigar and compensate for the absence of its great amount of smoke, is the real challenge and the make or break factor for any e-cigar. Therefore, good e-cigars are those which produce a lot of vapor and flavor and provide a strong taste when inhaled by the user, without emitting any smell for others in the same room. Surprisingly enough there do exist very realistically flavored liquids for use with e-cigars, which do taste as great as a real, premium quality hand rolled cigar does.

If you are convinced and want to buy an e-cigar or are simply curious to try it out then take into account that cheaper knock-off versions will likely disappoint you. Thus, be prepared to spend a bit more and invest in a rather pricey, quality e-cigar coupled with high quality components and liquids in order to be able to enjoy the flavor and sensation that is on par with that of a real cigar.

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