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What are the different kinds of hookah pens?

different kinds of hookah pens


Disposable hookah pens are very compact electronic devices, which are however able to produce a lot of vapor, since depending on their brand and model they can give you anything between 300 and 800 puffs! Some of their advantages are that they are unbreakable and that they have virtually no maintenance costs, because once they run out you simply throw them away. Since they are disposable, each hookah pen of this kind comes preloaded with a specified flavor and nicotine amount. Because the market now includes a huge variety of different disposable hookah pens, you can experiment away by trying out the different flavors and the different nicotine potency levels until you find the combination that you like best, without having to commit and invest into buying a more expensive refillable device or the complete set of full e-liquid flavors, only to discover that the specific flavor doesn’t work for you.


The refillable type of hookah pens is becoming increasingly popular because it renders the whole vaping experience much more flexible, allowing each user to customize it as they please. The fact that in order to use this hookah pen you have to manually fill it with the e-liquid, means that you cannot only select the flavor you want from the literally hundreds available, but also that you can even create your own unique blend by mixing flavors together. The flavor tank, i.e. the refillable part of refillable hookah pens, is called a cartomizer and in certain types of hookah pens it needs to be replaced approximately every 30 days, because it burns out during use. This is particularly true when one uses non-nicotine e-liquids in the e-hookah. Being able to select between many flavors, or even create your own through mixing existing ones and also being able to choose the level of nicotine content, from very high to none at all, if you buy a refillable hookah then you give yourself a very versatile and flexible vaping experience. With the range of relevant products being so extensive you are bound to find a refillable hookah that works just right for your own needs and preferences.

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